Bill survived an award-winning career in television commercial production that ran from the mid 70s through the late 80s. Based in the Dallas, he produced and directed numerous commercials for regional and national clients under the Buchanan Film Company banner through 1989.

Like many commercial shooters, the desire to tell stories eventually won out over spot production. Long-form corporate image filmmaking became his stock in trade. Applying the fanatical attention to detail and highly visual techniques common to high-end commercial production, Bill has since produced, directed, photographed and edited numerous documentary films sponsored by some of the world's largest national and international organizations whose businesses involve environmentally sensitive operations.

In 2003, wishing to try his hand at feature-length documentary filmmaking, the animal protection division of the Dallas-based Summerlee Foundation funded the production of Companions to None. To date, the film has been officially selected at five film festivals across the U.S. and recently won the Humanitarian Award at the Lone Star International Film Festival of Fort Worth, Texas.

For his work in TV commercial and corporate documentary production, Bill garnered awards at major festivals including the International Film & TV Festival of New York, Chicago International Film & TV Festival, Hollywood International Broadcasting Awards, and C.I.N.E. Golden Eagles.